ERF Helicopter Safety Workshop

Day 1 - Tuesday September 18th
Day 2 - Wednesday September 19th
Day 3 - Thursday September 20th
Lecture Room
9:00 Opening of the Safety workshop
A dedicated Helicopter Safety Workshop will take place on Thursday September 20th as part of the 44th European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF) in Delft, The Netherlands.

The Safety Workshop highlights the vital importance of safety in rotary wing operations. The workshop is organised in association with the European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R) and takes place on the final day of ERF. The day will kick-off with two plenary keynote speeches by David Solar (EASA) and Emeritus Prof. Gareth Padfield, followed by various other presentations addressing aspects like operational aspects, technologies and scientific developments. The detailed ERF program, including this Safety Workshop, can be downloaded below.

Attendance to the Safety Workshop is free for those who have registered for ERF. In case you have not planned to join ERF but still are interested to attend the Safety Workshop, a special arrangement is available. The cost for that will be 25€, a.o. to cater for lunch and various drinks throughout the day. Pre-registration is required (via e-mail), whereas payments can only be made in cash (no cards) at the registration desk on the day itself. When you are interested to attend, please send the following details to
- Company / Institute
- Job title
- Family name
- Prefix (e.g. van)
- First name

Feel free to distribute this message within your organisation or elsewhere. Hoping to see you at the event.
9:10-18:00 More details Preliminary Programme Overview
Day 4 - Friday September 21st

Download General Information and Preliminary Programme details